1969-1973 rim blow steering wheel restoration is $400.  This
includes proper cleaning and bead blasting of your entire wheel,      
repair of all cracks and imperfections using our durable 2                  
component epoxy and polyester fillers, 3 coats of primer surfacer     
to fill sand scratches, new beautiful hand-painted woodgrain            
application, new dye of your wheel's original color (or color of         
your choice), new stainless steel band, and 3 coats of quality             
2-part clear coat over the entire wheel for the best finish and            
protection possible.
We also specialize in 1968 Mustang and Shelby deluxe steering   
wheels.  Restoration is
$450 and includes everything listed          
We can restore your 1969-1973 rim blow steering wheel pad for  
$100. This includes proper de-greasing, new color dye, cleaning/   
detailing of all hardware, and a new center emblem.  This price  
also applies to 1968 Mustang and Shelby center pads.

NOTE:  If your pad needs new hardware (buttons, aluminium       
inserts, plastic inserts), extra charges will apply.
We can also install a new rim blow horn switch on your '69-'73        
steering wheel for
$150.  All switches are tested once installed for    
proper functionality.  If you already have a new switch, send it        
along with your wheel and we will install it at no extra charge          
once the wheel has been restored
For all other years, makes and models, please drop us an         
email with at least one photo of your steering wheel, as well     
as a small description of your wheel's condition.
The way our service works is simple.  You pack up your wheel, send it to us, and within approx. 6-8
weeks we restore it to its original beauty and send it back to you.   It's that easy!   

We accept money orders, personal checks, and Paypal.  You can either send us a money or
der or
check along with your wheel, or if you prefer Paypal, simply send the wheel along with your contact
info, and when we receive it we'll call you with the total amount.  

We look forward to working with you!
(805) 824-5002